Marcus Browne versus Denis Grachev breakdown

This is a tune up fight for Marcus Browne who has been out the ring since an upset loss to Jean Pascal. He’s currently 23-1 with 16 knockouts and before his loss was knocking on the door of a world title opportunity. Denis Grachev is a journeyman at this point who turns up and tries to survive instead of win. He’s 38 and has no shown no real desire in his real fights outside of picking up a pay day.

I think Marcus Browne will likely end up winning by late stoppage as while Grachev is tough in recent fights hes barely been making it to the finish line versus lesser opposition than Browne.

Ruben Torres versus Diego Contreras breakdown

This is a good stay busy fight for Ruben Torres who is 14-0 and a rising prospect in the Lightweight division. Diego Contreras isn’t on the level of Ruben Torres technically and also doesn’t have a huge amount of power.

Ruben Torres is a good boxer who can also punch a little and is clearly improving fight by fight. Diego Contreras has been knocked out by two of the prospects hes faced and has struggled when going on the road to fight.

I think Ruben Torres will win by knockout within five or six rounds due to having better boxing skills and also being a bigger puncher.

Miguel Angel Madueno Angulo versus Bergman Aguilar breakdown

This is Angulo’s American debut and while its not against a great opponent its good too see him start to build his name in America. He’s currently 22-0 with 20 knockouts and seems to be a very good prospect.

Angulo is a decent puncher and throws a lot of punches per round. He has decent technical skills and at 22 has a lot of time to improve.

Bergman Aguilar is a journeyman now and normally gets stopped when he steps up in competition at this stage of his career. He’s not a terrible fighter but isn’t on the level of Angulo and loses to most prospects.

Bergman Aguilar

I think Miguel Angel Madueno Angulo will win this fight by early knockout due to having more power and being technically better. He’s also closer to his prime than Bergman Aguilar who is heavily on the slide.

Vito Mielnicki Jr versus James Martin breakdown

This is a good fight for Mielnicki who is stepping up to eight rounds for the first time. Mielnicki is good technically and has shown some reasonable power but still needs time to develop as hes only 18. James Martin is a tough guy who is decent technically himself and recently fought Xander Zayas where even though he lost he performed well. Zayas is supposed to be a big time prospect so going the distance and actually competing is a good sign for him.

James Martin

I think Vito Mielnicki Jr will likely win a decision due to being slightly better technically though I expect Martin to win a round or two.

Omar Juarez versus Elias Damian Araujo breakdown

This is a good learning fight for Juarez who is having his first ten round fight after recently fighting in a few eight rounders. Elias Damian Araujo is a competent fighter but is taking this fight on short notice and has come up short against prospects before.

Elias Damian Araujo

Omar Juarez is a decent prospect who has a mix of boxing skill and power though gets hit a bit too much for my liking. Araujo will win a few rounds but for the most part I see him being out boxed by Juarez who is better technically. It won’t help Araujo that hes coming in on short notice.

Tony Harrison versus Bryant Perrella breakdown

This is a good comeback opponent for Harrison and a great opportunity for Perrella who I thought was unlucky to lose his last fight. Tony Harrison is an elite Super Welterweight and former WBC world champion. He’s got a great boxing skill set with some good power and is clearly world level at Super Welterweight.

Bryant Perrella is moving up from Welterweight for this fight however he was a massive Welterweight so moving up may help him as he won’t struggle to make weight anymore. He’s a good southpaw with good boxing skills on the back foot but likely isn’t as big of a puncher as Harrison.

Bryant Perrella

I personally think Tony Harrison will win by knockout in the seventh or eight round due to his superior boxing skills and power. The only fighters who beat him are ones that are big and physically strong and while Perrella is fairly tall I wouldn’t say hes that strong or powerful so he won’t be able to grind Harrison down.

Alexis Espino versus Ty McLeod breakdown

This is a real fun fight between two big punchers who haven’t faced a great level of competition yet. I think Alexis Espino has some talent and is good in exchanges while McLeod has faced a few people making their debuts which are effectively fights he has no chance of losing. He’s originally a kick boxer and isn’t as technically good as Espino.

I think Alexis Espino will win by knockout within three or four rounds due to being technically better and also having more power in my opinion.

Movladdin Biyarslanov versus Israel Mercado breakdown

This is a good fight between two undefeated prospects where either one could feasibly win. Biyarslanov is a big puncher and has decent technical skills while Israel Mercado is also a fairly big puncher and has good technical skills.

Israel Mercado

I really think this is a true 50/50 and I think it’ll be a draw after an entertaining fight.

Mahammadrasul Majidov versus Andrey Fedosov breakdown

This is a decent fight and a good step up for Majidov who was a great amateur and has looked decent as a pro so far. He’s only 3-0 but is fighting Fedosov who is 31-3.

Andrey Fedosov

Without going into too much detail I think Majidov will win because hes better technically and has fought much more recently than Fedosov who hasn’t fought since 2018.

Carlos Gongora versus Christopher Pearson breakdown

This is a good fight between Carlos Gongora who is a rising super middleweight contender and Christopher Pearson who is a fringe contender at middleweight but is moving up for this fight.

Carlos Gongora is very tough and throws a decent amount of punches with good power behind it and showed boxing skill in his last fight. He also clearly showed hes a twelve round fighter in his last fight and is almost impossible to hurt or slow down.

Christopher Pearson is a decent fighter at middleweight who has some power and skill but is moving up for this fight and hasn’t fought since 2019.

Christopher Pearson

I think Carlos Gongora will win this fight by knockout because hes bigger and has more power. He’s also fought much more recently and is more suited to the weight class.