Robeisy Ramirez versus Eric Donovan breakdown

This is a decent fight between two time gold medalist Ramirez and fringe European level Donovan. The latter’s career has been fairly unremarkable apart from his excellent performance versus Zelfa Barrett where up until he got caught he was out-boxing him with ease. It’s a shame we haven’t seen him back in a big fightContinue reading “Robeisy Ramirez versus Eric Donovan breakdown”

Robeisy Ramirez versus Ryan Lee Allen breakdown

This is a tune up fight for Ramirez who has already beaten better opponents than Allen who is a journeyman at this point. Ramirez is great technically but doesn’t throw a lot of punches. He’s accurate when he does and is very relaxed in the ring but is taking a while to get used toContinue reading “Robeisy Ramirez versus Ryan Lee Allen breakdown”

Robeisy Ramirez versus Brandon Valdes breakdown

I think this is a good step up for Ramirez but also one he’ll pass. Valds has only lost once in a competitive fight and is young at 22 so isn’t past his prime. I think Robeisy Ramirez should be able to use the skills from his extensive amateur background to win a decision afterContinue reading “Robeisy Ramirez versus Brandon Valdes breakdown”

Robeisy Ramirez versus Felix Caraballo breakdown

This is a good step up for Ramirez who is swiftly improving in his pro career. Felix Caraballo was a random fighter until he fought Shakur Stevenson and it looks like he’ll now be given as a test for up and coming prospects. Robeisy Ramirez was a great amateur and looks to have solid powerContinue reading “Robeisy Ramirez versus Felix Caraballo breakdown”

What’s next for Jose Pedraza, Mikkel LesPierre plus card

This was a relatively fun card though the 6 round fights delivered more action and excitement than both the main and co-main event. Robeisy Ramirez looked good in getting revenge against Adan Gonzales and showed that it was due to a lack of preparation that he lost. I thought he looked like he’d been makingContinue reading “What’s next for Jose Pedraza, Mikkel LesPierre plus card”

Robeisy Ramirez versus Adan Gonzales 2 breakdown.

This is a rematch where Robeisy Ramirez can avenge his only professional loss and prove that it was due to a lack of training and being out the ring for so long. Adan Gonzales could potentially get more decent fights if he can prove he’s a bit more than a domestic gatekeeper. I’ve already brokenContinue reading “Robeisy Ramirez versus Adan Gonzales 2 breakdown.”