What’s next for Jose Pedraza, Mikkel LesPierre plus card

This was a relatively fun card though the 6 round fights delivered more action and excitement than both the main and co-main event.

Robeisy Ramirez looked good in getting revenge against Adan Gonzales and showed that it was due to a lack of preparation that he lost. I thought he looked like he’d been making progression under Ismael Salas and hopefully he continues to improve. I think more opponents around the level of Adan Gonzales would be good for his next couple fights before moving him up to 8 and 10 rounds. Adan Gonzales is a good fighter who should get back to fighting on the small hall scene as I think he could develop into a good gatekeeper in the division.

Patrick Mailata and Kingsley Ibeh went to war for 6 rounds and even though Ibeh was completely exhausted he managed to win. This was actually Ibeh’s second fight in a week and having won both he seems like a guy who go on to make a name for himself in the division. He obviously needs to work on a lot but he’s only 26 and seems to have a lot of heart. It wouldn’t surprise me if he got the call to fight one of Top Rank’s top heavyweight prospects soon. Mailata needs to go back to the drawing board as honestly someone with his amateur background shouldn’t be losing to an inexperienced guy like Ibeh. I heard that he spars a lot of the top guys so he could be in a sparring partner mentality and if so needs to snap out of it if he’s to make it in the division.

Elvis Rodriguez looked like a very good prospect by stopping Danny Murray in the first round with a jab. He seems very powerful and has good skills to back his power up. He should get a step up in competition next as this was very easy for him. Danny Murray can go back to the club level fights and perhaps get a few pay days as a B-side guy.

Albert Bell showed his footwork and boxing skills when he beat Mark Bernaldez by decision over 10 rounds. He successfully used his height and reach to win but did suffer a hand injury late on. I think he should perhaps fight one more 10 rounder before getting a title shot but he’s close. Mark Bernaldez should continue taking fights as a B-side as all he needs to do is win one to get picked as a voluntary defense for one of the champions who wants a tune up.

Jose Pedraza looked good versus Mikkel LesPierre however that was what I expected to happen as while LesPierre has a shiny record I personally don’t believe hes a world level fighter. Pedraza could have good fights versus Alex Saucedo, Arnold Barboza Jr or even Josh Taylor once he deals with his mandatory. LesPierre while being a great guy is unlikely to get another big fight and honestly I didn’t like how much he got hit in the fight so if he wants to continue boxing he should do it at a lower level.

There was a fight between Carlos Jackson and Jose Enrique Durantes Vivas over 10 rounds but they didn’t show it on the broadcast. Vivas won a decision in the fight but I can’t describe what it looked like.

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