Mirko Natalizi versus Dmytro Shcherbyna breakdown

This is a decent step up for Natalizi who is a talented fighter with a good amateur background. He’s a good size for the weight and possesses one punch power. In his more recent fights he’s started to adjust to being a professional fighter and seems much more comfortable in the ring. Shcherbyna is alsoContinue reading “Mirko Natalizi versus Dmytro Shcherbyna breakdown”

Arslanbek Makhmudov versus Pavel Sour breakdown

This is a match up that shouldn’t have been made due to how uncompetitive it is. Makhmudov is 11-0 with 11 knockouts and has shown huge power. He’s already beaten fighters that are better than Pavel Sour but seems to be struggling to get good opponents to fight him. Pavel Sour in recent years hasContinue reading “Arslanbek Makhmudov versus Pavel Sour breakdown”

Erick Rosa Pacheco versus Ricardo Astuvilc breakdown

Erick Rosa Pacheco is one of the best prospects in the little known minimum-weight division. Ricardo Astuvilc boasts a good looking record of 21-0 with four knockouts but when you look beyond the surface it’s safe to say that it’s heavily padded and Pacheco at 3-0 already has better wins than Astuvilc does. Pacheco isContinue reading “Erick Rosa Pacheco versus Ricardo Astuvilc breakdown”

Alberto Puello versus Jesus Antonio Rubio breakdown

This is a decent match up between fringe contender Alberto Puello and Jesus Antonio Rubio who scored an upset win over Sonny Fredrickson a few months ago. Puello is 18-0 with 10 knockouts while Rubio is 13-3-1 with 7 knockouts. Alberto Puello is a boxer-puncher with respectable technical skills and power. He impressed last timeContinue reading “Alberto Puello versus Jesus Antonio Rubio breakdown”

Seigo Yuri Akui versus Taku Kuwahara breakdown

This is a good fight at flyweight for the Japanese Flyweight title over ten rounds. Akui is making his second defence while Kuwahara is taking his first shot at a professional title. Akui has decent power and fundamentals but has been stopped twice in hard fights versus Junto Nakatani and Jaysever Abcede. Kuwahara isn’t aContinue reading “Seigo Yuri Akui versus Taku Kuwahara breakdown”

Joe Joyce versus Carlos Takam breakdown

This is a good fight in the heavyweight division between contender Joe Joyce and fringe contender Carlos Takam. Joe Joyce has a great jab and clearly possesses good power. He’s a big guy and like his nickname the juggernaut suggests he never stops punching or slows down even if his punches are a little slowContinue reading “Joe Joyce versus Carlos Takam breakdown”

Murat Gassiev versus Michael Wallisch breakdown

This is a solid second fight for Gassiev at heavyweight as Wallisch is a fringe European level fighter and has fought quite a few notable heavyweights though has lost to most of them. Murat Gassiev is a former unified world champion at Cruiserweight and after an inactive two years is finally getting back into theContinue reading “Murat Gassiev versus Michael Wallisch breakdown”

Amilcar Vidal versus Immanuwel Aleem breakdown

This is a great step up fight for Vidal and a good opportunity for Aleem who desperately needs a big win to revitalize his career. Vidal is 12-0 with 11 knockouts and is a big puncher as his record suggests. Aleem is a decent puncher himself but isn’t quite as much of a power puncherContinue reading “Amilcar Vidal versus Immanuwel Aleem breakdown”

Serhii Bohachuk returns to the ring after suffering first defeat.

Bohachuk recently lost a fight to Brandon Adams in what was a good fight. He was ahead at the time of the stoppage but got caught by some big punches and couldn’t recover. Bohachuk himself is a big puncher and is clearly motivated as hes back in the ring only 4 months after his knockoutContinue reading “Serhii Bohachuk returns to the ring after suffering first defeat.”

Ryad Merhy versus Zhaoxin Zhang breakdown

This is a decent fight though Zhang is coming in on short notice after Merhy’s original opponent pulled out. Merhy is 29-1 with 24 knockouts while Zhang is 10-1 with six knockouts. Ryad Merhy isn’t the most active puncher and from what i’ve watched waits a lot for his opponents to punch so he canContinue reading “Ryad Merhy versus Zhaoxin Zhang breakdown”