Conor Benn versus Chris van Heerden breakdown

Conor Benn is one of the rising stars in British boxing and spearheads the new generation of stadium headliners which will replace the old guard who are starting to fade out. This is an important fight for Benn as any loss at this stage of his career would set back his dreams of being aContinue reading “Conor Benn versus Chris van Heerden breakdown”

Jaron Ennis versus Chris van Heerden breakdown

This is a step up fight for Ennis however I personally don’t think he’ll struggle all that much as hes one of the best prospects in boxing and has a great skill set of technical skills combined with power and good finishing instincts. Chris van Heerden is a solid fighter but isn’t really on theContinue reading “Jaron Ennis versus Chris van Heerden breakdown”