Boxing starts from the ground up

Boxing is often remembered by fans for the big nights involving thousands of people and some of the greatest fighters to step into the ring. This is only logical as those are the nights and sights that most people see and the big nights don’t come around to often so they are special memories forContinue reading “Boxing starts from the ground up”

Miguel Angel Madueno Angulo versus Sonny Fredrickson breakdown

This is a good fight between unbeaten power puncher Angulo and veteran contender Fredrickson. Angulo is 24-0 with 22 knockouts but hasn’t faced the same level of competition that Fredrickson has. Angulo is the bigger puncher of the two and is a lot more aggressive. He doesn’t stop punching until his opponents can’t continue, heContinue reading “Miguel Angel Madueno Angulo versus Sonny Fredrickson breakdown”

Junto Nakatani versus Angel Acosta breakdown

This is an excellent match up and potentially the best fight of the weekend. Junto Nakatani will make the first defence of his WBO Flyweight world title versus the powerful Acosta. The Puerto Rican puncher is a former world champion at Light flyweight but lost his title by getting stopped in the 12th round somewhatContinue reading “Junto Nakatani versus Angel Acosta breakdown”

Dalton Smith versus Brian Pelaez breakdown

I personally think Dalton Smith is one of the best prospects in the UK right now. He’s progressed quickly to English level and while this is a slight step down in my opinion, it’s still a good fight for his development. Pelaez is better than his record suggests and has provided a tough test forContinue reading “Dalton Smith versus Brian Pelaez breakdown”

Jose Armando Resendiz versus Marcos Hernandez breakdown

This should be a very competitive fight as Resendiz is still very raw as a fighter while Hernandez has a lot of experience and has upset prospects before. Resendiz has decent power but needs to learn how to set it up better and generally improve. Hernandez is tough and has some skills but gets beatenContinue reading “Jose Armando Resendiz versus Marcos Hernandez breakdown”

Jesus Alejandro Ramos versus Brian Mendoza breakdown

This is a good step up fight for Ramos who is one of the best young prospects on the planet. He’s got power and decent skills to back that up but obviously still needs to work on managing the rounds. Brian Mendoza is a decent domestic super welterweight in America. I think this fight couldContinue reading “Jesus Alejandro Ramos versus Brian Mendoza breakdown”

Rentaro Kimura versus Yoji Saito breakdown

This should be a good fight between fast rising prospect Kimura and domestic contender Saito. Kimura is a powerful and skilled southpaw who had a good amateur career. Saito is a tough fighter with some power but doesn’t have the skill set of Kimura. I think this fight will be competitive but in the endContinue reading “Rentaro Kimura versus Yoji Saito breakdown”

Ebanie Bridges versus Mailys Gangloff breakdown

This should be a fun fight as both are come forward fighters that care less about defence than offence. Bridges is the bigger puncher and has shown real grit in her career. Gangloff is tough but not quite as powerful as Bridges, also isn’t as crisp with her punches. I think Bridges will win byContinue reading “Ebanie Bridges versus Mailys Gangloff breakdown”

Hopey Price versus Zahid Hussain breakdown

This is a decent step up for Hopey Price who is being moved very quickly. I didn’t expect Price to be moved so quickly but I think hes taking advantage of the pandemic and volunteering for harder fights to get on cards. Price is very tall for the weight and uses his height and reachContinue reading “Hopey Price versus Zahid Hussain breakdown”

Conor Benn versus Adrian Granados breakdown

This fight looks better on paper than it will in the ring in my opinion. Benn is on the rise and has looked great in his recent fights while Granados has been on a noticeable decline in recent years. Granados has had a hard career and is an old 32. I expect Conor Benn toContinue reading “Conor Benn versus Adrian Granados breakdown”