None of the 2016 Olympic Super Heavyweight medalists have made an impact.

All four Super Heavyweights who won medals at the 2016 Olympic games have gone pro but so far they haven’t made a huge impact on the sport. Ivan Dychko was a hugely talented amateur and won a bronze medal at Rio 2016 but hasn’t done much in the pro’s yet. He’s won 9 fights againstContinue reading “None of the 2016 Olympic Super Heavyweight medalists have made an impact.”

You can’t compare old time heavyweights with today’s Giant’s.

One of the topics in boxing which is brought up again and again is whether today’s heavyweights could beat the past greats such as Joe Louis and Rocky Marciano. The simple answer is they likely could because of how much bigger heavyweights are now. Marciano weighed in at 185 pounds for most of his careerContinue reading “You can’t compare old time heavyweights with today’s Giant’s.”

Top 5 Heavyweight prospects (May, 2020)

Heavyweight is one of the most popular divisions in boxing though I personally prefer other divisions where the fighters are normally faster and more skilled. The heavyweight division is notorious for having 15-20 good fighters with the rest being overweight cruiserweights or flat-footed giants. It does however have a decent crop of prospects coming throughContinue reading “Top 5 Heavyweight prospects (May, 2020)”

Joseph Parker versus Lucas Browne rumored

Joseph Parker’s team has said that they have been having talks to fight Lucas Browne sometime this year. Due to the Corona Virus Parker won’t be able to travel to the USA to get a bigger fight so they are looking at more local fights for him. I actually think this is a decent fightContinue reading “Joseph Parker versus Lucas Browne rumored”

Meet the next set of heavyweight contenders.

While this current heavyweight era is good it is still filled with a lot of old fighters like Pulev and Povetkin and the real boom of this era will be when they retire and the new guard come in. I’m going to introduce you too some fighters that will likely be involved at the topContinue reading “Meet the next set of heavyweight contenders.”

Every good heavyweight fight is on PPV and why its bad for the sport.

As of today multiple heavyweight fights have been announced in the UK for the summer where boxing fans will have to splash out money for fights that really shouldn’t be PPV. Unfortunately it seems like any good heavyweight fight at world level is now put on PPV as the broadcasters have clearly realised that theyContinue reading “Every good heavyweight fight is on PPV and why its bad for the sport.”

Demsey McKean , Australia’s next heavyweight hope.

Demsey McKean is a 6,6 southpaw in the heavyweight division where he currently holds a record of 17-0 with 11 knockouts. A lot of his decision victory’s came early in his career and in recent times he has been showing that he does have power which is of course something that fighters need in theContinue reading “Demsey McKean , Australia’s next heavyweight hope.”

Joshua versus Fury should be in the UK but it won’t be.

Anthony Joshua versus Tyson Fury is now the fight to make in the heavyweight division. This would be the biggest fight in British boxing history and could sell out any Arena in the UK, it would go far beyond boxing and be a significant cultural moment for us as we crown an undisputed British HeavyweightContinue reading “Joshua versus Fury should be in the UK but it won’t be.”