Meet the next set of heavyweight contenders.

While this current heavyweight era is good it is still filled with a lot of old fighters like Pulev and Povetkin and the real boom of this era will be when they retire and the new guard come in. I’m going to introduce you too some fighters that will likely be involved at the top level in the next few years as the heavyweight guard changes.

The first fighter is Filip Hrgovic a 6,6 Croatian who is currently 10-0 with 7 of those wins coming by way of knockout. He’s a 2016 Olympian and has a very good amateur background. I’d be surprised if he doesn’t fight for a world title in his career and he has the potential to win one. His positives is that hes technically sound and has good power but on the negative side is a bit upright and stiff. He’s only 27 which for a heavyweight is young however I expect him to become a contender within the next year.

The next fighter is yet another 2016 Olympian and thats Efe Ajagba. Hes 6,6 with an 85inch reach and has massive power. He isn’t very developed defensively right now and lacks head movement. This can all be worked on as hes only 25 which like I mentioned earlier is very young for a heavyweight. I’m not very high on Ajagba at the moment but he does have the potential to win a world title in his career if he works on his defense and loosens up a bit.

Daniel Dubois is most likely the best prospect in the division as at the age of 22 is already looking to get into title contention. He has a very good jab which he uses often and has good power. His timing is normally good and he has good fundamentals. He does telegraph his shots sometimes and like a lot of the heavyweights on this list doesn’t have the best head movement though it isn’t terrible. There lots of questions to be answered about Dubois such as how his stamina holds up in the late rounds and how his chin is but he looks to be a future world champion.

Frank Sanchez is a Cuban heavyweight that out of all the new prospects has the best movement and pure boxing skills. He’s not the biggest puncher in the world but he holds enough power to stop people from just walking forward. I rate Sanchez quite highly and think he can give a lot of heavyweights problems but the question is if he can avoid other peoples power for 12 rounds if he needs too. He took Joey Dawejko too school in his last fight which was a good sign as if you struggle with Joey then its unlikely you reach the top. Dawejko isn’t good and people need to stop glorifying him off a sparring rumour.

Tony Yoka won gold at the 2016 Olympics and has gone perfect as a pro so far. He’s only 7 fights in because he had to serve a ban for missing multiple drug tests. He has good power with clear boxing ability which could take him far. I think he can get to a world title and historically gold medalists have done very well in the heavyweight division so hes certainly one too look out for.

Arslanbek Makhmudov is a 10-0 fighter from Russia who now lives in Canada. He has massive power and all 10 of his victories have come inside the distance. He is one of the only prospects that I would be confident putting in with a Pulev or Wach etc. He needs to be stepped up as hes clearly very good and could be in title contention now. I think he’ll win a world title as long as boxing politics doesn’t get in the way and he doesn’t get the fights he needs.

Junior Fa is 19-0 and from New Zealand. He has better power than his record suggests and good boxing skills. Negatives are going off the eye test right now I can’t see him causing much trouble for the top heavyweights. He was good amateur so perhaps he just needs to be stepped up but I didn’t like the way Devin Vargas backed him up at times.

Ivan Dychko is one of the best prospects in the heavyweight division. Hes a giant at 6,9 has real power and is also a fluid boxer with good movement. All the ingredients to be a world champion but hes been inactive and doesn’t seem to be getting the fight dates he needs.

The last prospect is Apti Davtaev a russian heavyweight who is currently 20-0-1. He has 19 wins by knockout which shows he has decent power. Hes been very active recently which is good and the only big criticism I have of him is that he isn’t that hard to hit but at the same time most heavyweights are easy to hit which is what makes the division fun.

In the next few years you’ll see these fighters either make it to the top or become top 15 to 30 guys who are brought in as opponents. I think the next wave of heavyweights will transform this the heavyweight division into a true new golden era especially combined with the champions we have now.

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