Petro Ivanov versus Rafael Amarillas Ortiz breakdown

Petro Ivanov is a dark horse in the super middleweight division and if he keeps progressing could be in some fringe world level fights. Ortiz is a domestic fighter in Mexico who’s had mixed results and is a fairly average fighter in my opinion. I think Petro Ivanov will have too much power for OrtizContinue reading “Petro Ivanov versus Rafael Amarillas Ortiz breakdown”

Michael Polite Coffie versus Jonathan Rice breakdown

This should be a good fight for Coffie to get rounds in but not much else. Coffie has gone from being a heavyweight no one knew to being a fringe world level contender who was supposed to take on a good name in Gerald Washington this weekend. Washington had to pull out of the fightContinue reading “Michael Polite Coffie versus Jonathan Rice breakdown”

Sandy Ryan versus Kirstie Bavington breakdown

Sandy Ryan is making her pro debut after an accomplished amateur career. Bavington is a good opponent for her debut and clearly shows they want to move her quickly towards a title shot. Sandy Ryan is very technically good and may find her style fits the pro’s better than the amateurs. Bavington isn’t a badContinue reading “Sandy Ryan versus Kirstie Bavington breakdown”

Campbell Hatton versus Jakub Laskowski breakdown

This is a good learning fight for Hatton as Laskowski should attempt to fight back for at least the first couple of rounds. Laskowski has won fights before which is an improvement on Hatton’s first two opponents who had a record of 0-14 between the two of them. This is understandable due to Hatton’s limitedContinue reading “Campbell Hatton versus Jakub Laskowski breakdown”

Avni Yildirim versus Jack Cullen breakdown

This isn’t a fight anybody could have seen coming and is probably the strangest piece of match making I’ve seen in a while. Avni Yildirim is coming off a loss to the current P4P best fighter in the world in Saul “Canelo” Alvarez, in front of a crowd of more than 15,000 people. Jack CullenContinue reading “Avni Yildirim versus Jack Cullen breakdown”

Can Xu versus Leigh Wood breakdown

This is a decent fight due to Can Xu not having fought since 2019 and Leigh Wood having a style which could cause Xu problems. Can Xu won the WBA world (regular) title in early 2019 and made two defences in the same year. He hasn’t fought since then due to Covid and Josh WarringtonContinue reading “Can Xu versus Leigh Wood breakdown”

Tommy McCarthy versus Chris Billam-Smith breakdown

This is an excellent fight in the cruiser weight division and the winner should be close to a world title shot. Tommy McCarthy has rebounded well after a TKO loss to Richard Riakporhe in 2019 by winning the WBC International title on away soil in Italy, beating Bilal Laggoune for the European title and defendingContinue reading “Tommy McCarthy versus Chris Billam-Smith breakdown”

Conor Benn versus Adrian Granados breakdown

This is a decent fight though I think Conor Benn is catching Granados at the right time as in the last few years Granados has looked like hes on the slide. Conor Benn is 18-0 with 12 knockouts and seems to be improving fight by fight. He’s very creative and good offensively though has someContinue reading “Conor Benn versus Adrian Granados breakdown”

Anthony Fowler versus Rico Mueller breakdown

Anthony Fowler will take on late replacement Rico Mueller after the veteran Roberto Garcia pulled out of the fight for currently undisclosed reasons. Anthony Fowler has been steadily rebuilding himself after taking his first loss to Scott Fitzgerald with his most notable win being over Jorge Fortea who once took part in a final eliminatorContinue reading “Anthony Fowler versus Rico Mueller breakdown”

Mirko Natalizi versus Dmytro Shcherbyna breakdown

This is a decent step up for Natalizi who is a talented fighter with a good amateur background. He’s a good size for the weight and possesses one punch power. In his more recent fights he’s started to adjust to being a professional fighter and seems much more comfortable in the ring. Shcherbyna is alsoContinue reading “Mirko Natalizi versus Dmytro Shcherbyna breakdown”