Roman Gonzalez versus Julio Cesar Martinez breakdown

I’m looking forward to this fight a lot as I can’t see it being anything other than exciting. Roman Gonzalez has been at the top of the sport for more than a decade now and this win would further cement his already tremendous resume. Julio Cesar Martinez is a buzz saw who rarely shows any respect for his opponents who he clearly sees as mere twigs before his blades.

I expect that the fight will be competitive early on and Martinez may even have an advantage but as the fight goes on I expect Gonzalez’s experience to pull through along with his great combinations. He’s been in twelve round wars before and is excellent at keeping up the pace and his punch out-put. Martinez also came in overweight for this fight which could be a purposeful tactic or him simply being unprofessional.

Julio Cesar Martinez

After eight or nine rounds Martinez will start to wilt due to the sustained out-put of Gonzalez who will either win a clear 9-3 to 8-4 decision or potentially earn himself a late stoppage.

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