Roman Gonzalez versus Julio Cesar Martinez breakdown

I’m looking forward to this fight a lot as I can’t see it being anything other than exciting. Roman Gonzalez has been at the top of the sport for more than a decade now and this win would further cement his already tremendous resume. Julio Cesar Martinez is a buzz saw who rarely shows anyContinue reading “Roman Gonzalez versus Julio Cesar Martinez breakdown”

Julio Cesar Martinez versus McWilliams Arroyo breakdown

This is an excellent fight at Flyweight between two hard punching fighters. Martinez is a buzzsaw who fires off long combinations behind a high guard and has shown incredible power for the weight class. Arroyo is a big puncher himself who has a lot of experience and is technically fairly good. This should be aContinue reading “Julio Cesar Martinez versus McWilliams Arroyo breakdown”

Julio Cesar Martinez versus Joel Cordova breakdown

I don’t think this is a good fight as Martinez is a massive puncher and has shown hes clearly world level while Cordova has struggled multiple times levels below world class. Martinez is best described as a raging bull who comes forward and uses his strength and power to break down his opponents. Joel CordovaContinue reading “Julio Cesar Martinez versus Joel Cordova breakdown”

Julio Cesar Martinez versus Moises Calleros breakdown

This is a decent fight considering Calleros is a late replacement after the original opponent Maximino Flores tested positive for the Corona Virus. Julio Cesar Martinez is a gifted explosive fighter who is very aggressive. He pushes his opponents back with bursts of offence and then takes their punches back on his gloves. He certainlyContinue reading “Julio Cesar Martinez versus Moises Calleros breakdown”

5 realistic fights for Julio Cesar Martinez

Martinez in the last year has become one of the rising stars of the sport and more recently became a world champion. He has a good resume for how long hes been world champion with names such as Cristofer Rosales, Jay Harris, Charlie Edwards and Andrew Selby. Hes beaten three of those and really shouldContinue reading “5 realistic fights for Julio Cesar Martinez”