Julio Cesar Martinez versus McWilliams Arroyo breakdown

This is an excellent fight at Flyweight between two hard punching fighters. Martinez is a buzzsaw who fires off long combinations behind a high guard and has shown incredible power for the weight class. Arroyo is a big puncher himself who has a lot of experience and is technically fairly good. This should be aContinue reading “Julio Cesar Martinez versus McWilliams Arroyo breakdown”

McWilliams Arroyo versus Abraham Rodriguez breakdown

This isn’t a terrible fight however I expect Arroyo to win comfortably by KO due to being the bigger man and having a lot more notice for this fight. Abraham Rodriguez is taking this fight on very short notice after Julio Cesar Martinez pulled out of the fight versus Arroyo last minute. McWilliams is worldContinue reading “McWilliams Arroyo versus Abraham Rodriguez breakdown”