Julio Cesar Martinez versus McWilliams Arroyo breakdown

This is an excellent fight at Flyweight between two hard punching fighters. Martinez is a buzzsaw who fires off long combinations behind a high guard and has shown incredible power for the weight class. Arroyo is a big puncher himself who has a lot of experience and is technically fairly good.

This should be a brutal war with either one having the potential to score a knockout. Arroyo has been dropped multiple times but has never been stopped and often does his best work after getting up. This should be the hardest fight of Martinez’s career while for Arroyo he’s faced better fighters than Martinez and put up good fights against them all.

McWilliams Arroyo

I personally think Arroyo can do enough to win a decision due to his power, toughness and most importantly his vast experience. Martinez hasn’t faced a world class fighter since he beat Jay Harris and that was a hard fight for him so I think it’s more than possible that Arroyo, who is a better fighter than Harris, can push Martinez and beat him. I’m picking Arroyo by decision in a very competitive fight, he may have to get up from the canvas early on but hes tough enough to get back into the fight.


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