5 realistic fights for Julio Cesar Martinez

Martinez in the last year has become one of the rising stars of the sport and more recently became a world champion. He has a good resume for how long hes been world champion with names such as Cristofer Rosales, Jay Harris, Charlie Edwards and Andrew Selby. Hes beaten three of those and really should have beaten Edwards but unfortunately it was a no contest after Martinez hit Edwards while he was on the floor. He has pretty much wiped out all the British Flyweights with only a fight with Sunny Edwards remaining. I think he has the opportunity to build an impressive resume at Fly weight with how the division is right now.

The first fight I want too see him in is Moruti Mthalane which would be a unification of the WBC and IBF titles. Mthalane is one of the most underrated fighters in the sport and could easily win this fight. How he is still performing at the top level at the age of 37 I don’t know but it makes his career all the more impressive. I don’t think this fight would be hard to make as its a big fight for both and at 37 Mthalane won’t want to waste time. I really want this fight to be made before one of them loses their title which would most likely be Mthalane. He is currently with MTK so it wouldn’t surprise me if they persuaded him not to take the fight and instead fight some of their boxers in Britain.

The second fight I want to see him in is versus Artem Dalakian in a WBC and WBA unification. This is the second best fight to make in the division as Dalakian is an undefeated champion who possesses good boxing skills. Dalakian since winning his title has been facing very mediocre competition in Ukraine which has resulted in most people forgetting he exists. I don’t know how motivated Dalakian is to get big fights as he seems content to defend his title versus no hopers in Ukraine but I would love to see him in fights with the other top guys of his division.

The third fight I want too see him in is versus Angel Acosta. Both are huge punchers and this could lead to an amazing fight sort of like Martinez versus Harris but on steroids. Acosta is a former champion himself so that also helps out Martinez’s resume and he would bring the whole Island of Puerto Rico with him. I want too see Acosta in the mix at fly weight and I think a fight with Martinez is the best fight he can get.

The fourth fight is McWilliams Arroyo who has fought notable names such as Kazuto Ioka, Carlos Cuadras, Roman Gonzalez and Amnat Ruenroeng. Hes never been stopped and will really go for it over 12 rounds. If Martinez could KO him then it would be a good statement and also just beating him would be a good name on his resume. I like this fight a lot and it shouldn’t be hard to make as Arroyo is high in the WBC rankings and he doesn’t seem to have a lot of people asking to fight him.

The fifth person I would like too see Martinez fight is Francisco Rodriguez Jr. He hasn’t lost since 2015 and is on an excellent run right now. Hes fought good names in Roman Gonzalez and Donnie Nietes and one of the best things is hes only 26 so hes still in his prime. If the fight did take place then I imagine it would happen in Mexico as both are Mexican and it could be Martinez’s home coming defense that could lead into a classic rivalry between the two if the first fight is competitive enough.

Martinez is one of my favourite fighters right now and I like that hes taking hard fights. The division hes in could potentially have a lot of classic match ups as long as the fights get made. Heres to hoping the Corona Virus goes away so we can see these match ups and most importantly boxing again.

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