Roman Gonzalez versus Julio Cesar Martinez breakdown

I’m looking forward to this fight a lot as I can’t see it being anything other than exciting. Roman Gonzalez has been at the top of the sport for more than a decade now and this win would further cement his already tremendous resume. Julio Cesar Martinez is a buzz saw who rarely shows anyContinue reading “Roman Gonzalez versus Julio Cesar Martinez breakdown”

Juan Francisco Estrada versus Roman Gonzalez breakdown

This is an amazing fight and one i’m looking forward to greatly. Both of these fighters will be in the hall of fame after they retire though Estrada may need one or two more wins to cement his place. Juan Francisco Estrada is a puncher who lands big counters on the back foot but hasContinue reading “Juan Francisco Estrada versus Roman Gonzalez breakdown”

Roman Gonzalez versus Israel Gonzalez breakdown

The all time great Roman Gonzalez returns in what for him is a bit of a tune up. Israel Gonzalez is a solid fighter at Super Flyweight but isn’t elite like Roman Gonzalez is. Roman “Chocolatitio” Gonzalez is one of the best combination and inside fighters in boxing right now. While people were concerned thatContinue reading “Roman Gonzalez versus Israel Gonzalez breakdown”

Active fighters that will be in the Hall of Fame when they retire.

I think this is an interesting topic as it helps us appreciate the modern greats who are still active now and as a boxing fan its a fun topic to discuss. I think a lot of people in the boxing media like to downplay how good active boxers are and perhaps look with rose tintedContinue reading “Active fighters that will be in the Hall of Fame when they retire.”