Roman Gonzalez versus Israel Gonzalez breakdown

The all time great Roman Gonzalez returns in what for him is a bit of a tune up. Israel Gonzalez is a solid fighter at Super Flyweight but isn’t elite like Roman Gonzalez is.

Roman “Chocolatitio” Gonzalez is one of the best combination and inside fighters in boxing right now. While people were concerned that he was well past his prime he proved in his last fight that he still has enough left to beat lesser opponents who aren’t elite.

Israel Gonzalez is a solid contender at Super Flyweight but is really outclassed in almost every department in this fight apart from size.

Israel Gonzalez

I expect Roman Gonzalez to win this fight by knockout in the 7th or 8th round due to being a better all round fighter who hasn’t slipped enough for someone like Israel Gonzalez to beat them.


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