Faiga Opelu versus Justis Huni breakdown

This is a really good fight for Justis Huni considering he is only just making his debut. Justis Huni was a good amateur who is still looking to compete in the 2021 Olympics even after turning pro. Faiga Opelu is a solid domestic heavyweight in Australia and holds a record of 13-1-1 with 10 knockouts so will be a real test too see if Huni is ready for the professional game.

Justis Huni has good movement and can box both on the back foot and front foot. He doesn’t sit down on his punches that much but thats too be expected of a amateur turning pro. He throws in combination well and has a solid jab that would be more effective if he doubled it up. He keeps his hands low and relies on his reflexes and an adapted Philly shell type of defence.

Faiga Opelu has some power though perhaps a little less than his record suggests. He generally throws in combination when he does punch. He doesn’t jab that often which isn’t great considering hes on the short side for being a heavyweight. His defence isn’t anything to write home about but he does use head movement and will occasionally move off on an angle to avoid the counter punches of his opponents. He’s not quite as fast as Huni and doesn’t have his reaction speed in my opinion.

Faiga Opelu

I think Justis Huni will win a decision though may have to work hard towards the end because hes never been past three rounds. He is the more well schooled boxer who has faster hands and reaction speed which should see him through to a victory. Opelu does have a lot of experience and if he can make it a little rough on the inside he could take over late if Huni runs out of stamina.


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