Justis Huni versus Paul Gallen breakdown

This is a surprisingly decent fight as Huni is still a novice pro and Gallen got a big win over Lucas Browne in his last fight which proved hes above the novelty act that most of his career has been. Both are undefeated and have high profiles in Australia which means a win for eitherContinue reading “Justis Huni versus Paul Gallen breakdown”

Justis Huni versus Christian Ndzie Tsoye breakdown

This is only Justis Huni’s fourth fight but hes already clearing out the heavyweight domestic scene in his native Australia and this fight is the next step of that campaign. Justis Huni had a great amateur background and may still go to the 2021 Olympics after having a few more professional fights. He’s a goodContinue reading “Justis Huni versus Christian Ndzie Tsoye breakdown”

Justis Huni versus Arsene Fosso breakdown

This is a good fight considering its only Huni’s second fight as it should be competitive at least early. Justis Huni recently made his pro debut by impressively stopping Faiga Opelu in seven rounds. Arsene Fosso is 3-0 with three knockouts and has never got out of the second round. Justis Huni is only 21Continue reading “Justis Huni versus Arsene Fosso breakdown”

Faiga Opelu versus Justis Huni breakdown

This is a really good fight for Justis Huni considering he is only just making his debut. Justis Huni was a good amateur who is still looking to compete in the 2021 Olympics even after turning pro. Faiga Opelu is a solid domestic heavyweight in Australia and holds a record of 13-1-1 with 10 knockoutsContinue reading “Faiga Opelu versus Justis Huni breakdown”