Justis Huni versus Paul Gallen breakdown

This is a surprisingly decent fight as Huni is still a novice pro and Gallen got a big win over Lucas Browne in his last fight which proved hes above the novelty act that most of his career has been. Both are undefeated and have high profiles in Australia which means a win for eitherContinue reading “Justis Huni versus Paul Gallen breakdown”

Paul Gallen versus Lucas Browne breakdown

This should be a fun if uncompetitive heavyweight fight between former world class boxer Lucas Browne and former rugby star Paul Gallen. While Gallen has done fairly well adapting to boxing hes still no where near the level of even a washed Lucas Browne. I think Browne will win a decision after six rounds thoughContinue reading “Paul Gallen versus Lucas Browne breakdown”