Justis Huni versus Christian Ndzie Tsoye breakdown

This is only Justis Huni’s fourth fight but hes already clearing out the heavyweight domestic scene in his native Australia and this fight is the next step of that campaign. Justis Huni had a great amateur background and may still go to the 2021 Olympics after having a few more professional fights. He’s a good technical boxer with fast hands and feet which separate him from the majority of the other heavyweights. He throws combinations like hes a middleweight which in a division of slow plodding giants could see him rise to the top quickly.

Christian Ndzie Tsoye is a solid domestic fighter in Australia who has mixed with decent competition so far in his career. He’s come out of those fights with a record of 5-3-2 which isn’t pretty too look at but if you look beyond the surface hes just as good of an opponent as Huni’s first three. Tsoye has a bit of an amateur background but nothing to the extent of Huni and isn’t as good technically.

Christian Ndzie Tsoye

I think Justis Huni’s technical skills and hand speed will lead him to winning by knockout within five or six rounds. Huni should be a level above Tsoye who is a reasonable fighter on a domestic level but unfortunately for him Huni is likely good enough to become world class.


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