Issac Hardman versus Robert Berridge breakdown

This fight was put together at short notice as Hardman wasn’t supposed to be fighting on this card but was given the opportunity after other fights fell through. Berridge has also taken this fight on short notice and hasn’t fought since 2018.

Issac Hardman is an aggressive fighter with good power and has been very active recently. He’s the best chance Australia have of one of their middleweights making it to an international stage and judging from his current form he should make it there within five or six more fights.

Robert Berridge hasn’t fought since 2018 and seemed on a downward slope in the few years before his retirement. He’s shorter than Hardman but has a long reach for his size which could cause some problems during the fight.

Robert Berridge

I think Issac Hardman will likely win by knockout within five rounds due to being much more active in recent years and also being much closer to his prime while Berridge seems to have declined.


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