Justis Huni versus Arsene Fosso breakdown

This is a good fight considering its only Huni’s second fight as it should be competitive at least early. Justis Huni recently made his pro debut by impressively stopping Faiga Opelu in seven rounds. Arsene Fosso is 3-0 with three knockouts and has never got out of the second round.

Justis Huni is only 21 and clearly hasn’t got his man strength yet as he doesn’t seem like a big puncher to me. He’s fast and good technically with a solid jab and good combinations. He likes to double up on his hooks and throws a variety of punches though could perhaps add in more uppercuts. His defence and stamina have looked good so far.

Arsene Fosso had a decent amateur background himself though didn’t quite reach the levels that Huni did. He has a damaging looking jab and is clearly not horrible technically. I don’t think he has the fastest hands or feet and this may cause him problems against Huni. I think he has more power than Huni but will struggle to land it as hes not the best at setting up his big punches.

Arsene Fosso

I think Justis Huni will win a decision or a late stoppage over Fosso because of his superior technical skills and speed. I think he should be able to pick Fosso off with his combinations for most of the fight though if Fosso lands clean then he can drop or potentially KO Huni.


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