Issac Hardman versus Tej Pratap Singh breakdown

This is a great step up fight for Hardman who so far has been running through his competition. Singh is a solid domestic fighter in Australia who if he wants to get into big fights needs to win here as hes 34.

Issac Hardman is a former MMA fighter who has made the transition to boxing well. He’s very aggressive and has good power. While hes not the best technically he makes up for that with his power and volume of punching. I don’t think hes bad technically though and is clearly a gifted combat athlete.

Tej Pratap Singh hasn’t looked great in his recent fights against sub par competition and to me it looks like he might be on the slide a bit. I’m not going to go into detail as I really think hes started to go on the slide and Hardman can make a statement here.

Tej Pratap Singh

I think Hardman should be able to win by knockout because of his power and youth. Singh wasn’t the greatest fighter in his prime but being on the slide hes not looked good at all.


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