Brandon Adams versus Sanny Duversonne breakdown

This is a really good fight between two American Super Welterweights. Brandon Adams is more experienced and is coming off a loss to Jermall Charlo at middleweight where he performed better than expected. Duversonne is coming off two losses though they were too top prospects and I thought he was perhaps unlucky not to get the decision against Chordale Booker.

Brandon Adams is decent technically and comes forward a lot. He seems like a strong guy and his style is somewhat similar to Shawn Porters where they move into range bullishly using their strength and pressure to overwhelm their opponents. He has a good chin and his stamina held up well in his last fight even if he wasn’t that competitive with Charlo. I think he struggles with people that are technically good or have a good jab and can keep him at range. He hasn’t been in the ring since June of 2019 so will likely have some ring rust he needs to shake off. With the fight scheduled for eight rounds it’s very risky for him if he loses the early rounds due to being rusty. In these shorter fights its very easy for the more experienced fighter to get out worked and out hustled by the sharper more active fighter who understands they don’t have to pace themselves and the objective is to win five rounds out of the eight. They go in with the knowledge that it doesn’t matter if at the end of the eight rounds they are completely exhausted because the fights over while a fighter that is used to twelve rounds may pace themselves when for a twelve round fight which often means they get going to late.

Sanny Duversonne is a good fighter who stays ready to take short notice fights. He has a long reach and uses it well by throwing out his jab along with one-two’s. His hooks can be looping punches which go around the guard. He always throws back when he gets hit and covers up well defensively though he would be better suited by using his legs to navigate the ring while punching instead of standing against the ropes. I think hes an underrated fighter who is making the most of this pandemic and may have the style to beat Adams over eight rounds.

Sanny Duversonne

I think Sanny Duversonne will win a close decision over Brandon Adams due to his reach advantage combined with his style of fighting on the outside while being defensively responsible. He’s also been very active and had 16 rounds in the last six months while Adams hasn’t fought for over a year.


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