Brian Ceballo versus Larry Gomez breakdown

This is another great fight that Ring City are putting on in their new fight series on NBC in America. Brian Ceballo looks like a blue chip prospect and has impressed so far as a pro. Larry Gomez has had a hard pro career wheres hes been matched hard but only has one loss which was a split decision.

Brian Ceballo has a good jab and from his amateur background has good technical skills. He has decent power though isn’t a massive puncher. He’s quite tall for a Welterweight and uses that size well by keeping his opponents at the end of his jab. I don’t think hes been matched very hard in his career so far especially considering his extensive amateur background.

Larry Gomez isn’t terrible technically but doesn’t really jab very often. He puts his hooks together well but doesn’t throw many other punches and isn’t consistent with his work. When he does punch he’ll jump into range and throw three or four hooks in a row. His defence is average to me but he seems to have a good chin. He has fought the better competition so may be able to dig deeper if the fight gets tough. He is a decent puncher and if he can connect on Ceballo he could change the entire fight.

Larry Gomez

I think Brian Ceballo should be able to use his jab and superior technical skills to win a decision after ten rounds. While Gomez can win because of his power and experience I think his lack of a jab will really hurt him in this fight.


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