Gor Yeritsyan versus Mahonri Montes breakdown

I don’t think this fight will be all that competitive as Montes has lost almost every step up hes had and hasn’t won a significant fight since 2017. Gor Yeritsyan was a decent amateur who has taken to the pro’s well and while this is likely his biggest test yet its one I think he’ll pass with flying colours.

I think Gor Yeritsyan’s amateur background and aggressive style combined with his punching power should be enough to overwhelm and stop Montes who after 46 hard fights is perhaps a bit past his best. He’s taken on the role of being a gatekeeper for a number of years now and may not be hugely motivated when the going gets tough while Yeritsyan is on the come up so is motivated to use this fight as a spring board to get bigger fights.

Mahonri Montes

My prediction for this fight is Yeritsyan by stoppage in the 7th round.


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