Danielle Perkins versus Princess Hairston breakdown

This is an interesting fight because it’s a Women’s heavyweight fight and its not often you see them happen. I’m glad Ring City are shining a spotlight on these fighters as I doubt many other platforms would have picked them up unfortunately.

Danielle Perkins is six feet tall and a good amateur. I thought she was very impressive in her debut and given two more rounds would have got the stoppage. She’s good technically and clearly has some power.

Princess Hairston doesn’t have the amateur background and is short for the weight so will struggle to reach Perkins who has a significant height advantage. I also don’t think shes got huge power as the Woman she KO’d is 0-2 and has lost by stoppage in the first round twice.

Princess Hairston

I think Danielle Perkins should be able to use her height, power and technical advantages to win by KO in the 5th round after an entertaining fight.


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