Mario Alfano versus Haithem Laamouz breakdown

This should be a competitive fight over 12 rounds for the Vacant EBU European Super Featherweight title. Neither of these fighters has faced the best competition throughout their careers but Alfano has been matched slightly harder.

Neither of these fighters have much power and neither have great technical skills so it should be a relatively even fight for the most part. I imagine the fight will be fought at a relatively slow pace throughout which will mean a lot of swing rounds occur. With the bout being in Alfano’s home country of Italy you can expect any close rounds to go to him. Both have fought recently but Alfano picked up the better win in somewhat impressive fashion over Nicola Cipolletta.

Haithem Laamouz

I expect Alfano to win this fight by decision after twelve rounds due to him being in tougher fights throughout his career and also the fight being in his home country of Italy.


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