Mateusz Masternak versus Jose Gregorio Ulrich breakdown

This should be a straight forward win for Masternak who is on the second fight of his comeback to the sport after briefly retiring and missing all of 2019. He’s a very good fighter who has operated at European and World level in the Cruiser weight division for the better part of a decade. Ulrich is a domestic fighter in Argentina who hasn’t won a fight since 2017 and when he stepped out of Argentina and fought Evgeny Tishchenko lost every round.

I think this fight is a classic example of levels in boxing and in this case Masternak is clearly a few levels above Ulrich who to be fair is tough and durable.

Jose Gregorio Ulrich

Masternak will win this fight by 7th or 8th round knockout due to being the all round better fighter and having fought the much better competition.


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