What’s next for Jazza Dickens, Ricards Bolotniks plus undercard?

I enjoyed this card from MTK though they perhaps could have done without the three bouts which featured young prospects versus journeymen. While its great for them to get exposure on tv the fights weren’t especially entertaining and may have turned many viewers away. The last few hours were a good watch and both the Golden Contract finals lived up to expectations especially the Bolotniks-Michel fight.

Adam Azim shined in his debut as he out boxed tough journeyman Ed Harrison over six rounds. Harrison always comes to win and recently caused an upset over Mohammed Bilal Ali on a Frank Warren show. In this fight he was forced down the route of surviving and took going the six rounds as a victory instead of getting his hand raised. I’m not going to crown Azim a world champion in the making but he showed a lot of good qualities and is clearly a talented boxer. He is someone that I think can be fast tracked to an extent and a fight versus someone like Nathan Kirk would be a perfect second fight for him. Ed Harrison can continue being in the away corner and potentially work his way towards a area title as he has the skill and heart to achieve at that level.

James McGivern looked great in his second fight versus the ever tough Jordan Ellison. He has a very fluid style and didn’t struggle at all during the fight. Beating Ellison in his second fight is a good result and proves he doesn’t need to be coddled like some prospects are. A fight versus another 3-0 or 4-0 fighter would be good next as he needs someone that is willing to risk getting stopped in order to win as while Ellison does enough to not get stopped he generally shells up when facing top amateurs. Ellison can keep fighting in the away corner and pick up a living testing prospects.

Fearghus Quinn did what I expected to do and put the pressure on Scott James who toughed it out and went the six rounds. Quinn remained in control throughout the fight and showed a good amount of skill while fighting on the inside. He does get hit quite a bit and isn’t the best finisher yet so more tough domestic opponents would be good for his next two or three fights. After that I think he can start to move towards International titles or some of the bigger names at middleweight in the UK. Scott James made a good account of himself and should keep taking challenges in the away corner to make money.

Harlem Eubank put on a career best performance in beating the previously undefeated Daniel Egbunike on points. He remained in control throughout the fight and at least in my eyes very comfortably won. He will fight for the English title next against Kay Prospere as long as the title doesn’t get vacated. I think he has a good chance of winning that fight and progressing towards the British title. Egbunike should come back at area level and get a few wins before getting into another eliminator for the English title.

Ricards Bolotniks looked great in stopping Michel after a slow opening to the fight. Both really went for it and in the end “The Lion” came out on top in their battle of wills and different styles. I think while Bolotniks can sometimes be described as wild or not good technically hes actually an underrated technician. He was jabbing well and putting good combinations together while cleverly targeting the body of Michel. I think fights with Anthony Yarde, Joshua Buatsi or international names such as Sullivan Barrera would be good fights for him. He’s only two or three fights away from a world title at this point. Serge Michel should target the EBU title in the next year or two and if he can win that potentially aim for world level.

James Dickens out worked and out boxed Ryan Walsh over ten rounds in their featherweight Golden Contract final. While a lot of the rounds were close I felt Dickens was clearly outworking Walsh in the majority of them. Dickens has proved hes past domestic level now and based off his improved form he should target a title shot versus Emmanuel Navarrete or go for the European title. I think Navarrete would stop him but its the biggest fight available for him and as a prizefighter he should be aiming for the biggest fights. Ryan Walsh has to consider whether he wants to continue boxing as at the age of 34 its unlikely he’ll get to world level and hes already conquered the British title and the domestic scene.


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