Ricards Bolotniks versus Serge Michel breakdown

This should be a competitive fight over ten rounds in the final of the MTK Light heavyweight Golden Contract tournament. Both boxers are obviously on good runs of form right now as they have managed to get to the final even though neither were expected to at the start.

Richard Bolotniks is the best example of a rugged fighter you could ever find. He looks like he just came out of a cave in the wilderness and he fights the same way. He has a decent jab and an overhand right which he clearly loves more than his children as the guy won’t stop throwing it. You might be surprised to hear he has thrown other punches in his career though these are often wild and unorthodox which perhaps you’d expect from Conan’s balding brother. In all seriousness hes a hard fighter to deal with because of his unorthodox style and sheer size as the man used to be a Cruiserweight who competed around world level.

Serge Michel is in many ways the antithesis of Bolotniks, instead of learning on the job as a pro hes had a stellar amateur career, instead of being wild and unpredictable hes calculated and methodical as his nickname “Bavarian Sniper” perfectly encapsulates. Even in appearance they are opposites, Bolotniks looks every part of a wild man while Michel is smooth cut and prepared similarly to the snipers that he draws inspiration from. Michel is a good technician and while he has been stopped by a fearsome puncher before he seems to have improved and evolved as a fighter since then.

Serge Michel

While the fighters are complete opposites in almost every way they both fight with the same goal in mind of winning the Golden Contract and changing their lives. The question will be whether Bolotniks strength and bursts of violence will overwhelm the calmer Michel or whether Bolotniks will get frustrated and picked apart like so many raging bulls have done in the pits of Spain. I think the fight will swing back and forth as both are evenly matched if not alike until the scorecards reveal the ending every tournament dreads, a draw.


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