Daniel Egbunike versus Harlem Eubank breakdown

This is a good 50/50 domestic fight where the winner is expected to fight for the English title next. Both are undefeated and on good runs of form so this should be a highly competitive fight where the winner is always in doubt.

Daniel Egbunike is a come forward fighter who throws a lot of punches though isn’t the most accurate. His defence is solid enough though its only been tested at area level. He has power though its nothing to really look out for and I’d be surprised if it transfers up to even English level.

Harlem Eubank is a decent boxer who also comes forward. I don’t think he throws as many punches as Egbunike but shares the inaccuracy. His defence isn’t great and if he doesn’t improve on it I can’t ever seeing him getting past a British title. He does have reasonable power which is why I think he may be able to work his way towards a British title eventually.

Daniel Egbunike

I don’t see much separating the two fighters but I do think Eubank has more power and has also fought more recently which means he won’t have ring rust. I think Eubank should be able to win a close decision after ten rounds.


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