Daniel Egbunike versus Harlem Eubank breakdown

This is a good 50/50 domestic fight where the winner is expected to fight for the English title next. Both are undefeated and on good runs of form so this should be a highly competitive fight where the winner is always in doubt. Daniel Egbunike is a come forward fighter who throws a lot ofContinue reading “Daniel Egbunike versus Harlem Eubank breakdown”

Harlem Eubank versus Martin McDonagh breakdown

I love match ups like these where its two prospects who are fighting for the chance to move on to bigger things. This is a bit of a grudge match from the amateurs as well which should make the fight more interesting as both will give everything to win. Harlem Eubank has only fought JourneymenContinue reading “Harlem Eubank versus Martin McDonagh breakdown”