Harlem Eubank versus Martin McDonagh breakdown

I love match ups like these where its two prospects who are fighting for the chance to move on to bigger things. This is a bit of a grudge match from the amateurs as well which should make the fight more interesting as both will give everything to win.

Harlem Eubank has only fought Journeymen in his career so far and the one time he stepped up early in his career I thought he lost but he got the decision. I think he’ll be on the front foot in this fight as in the footage I’ve watched he seems quite aggressive and is clearly looking to stop his opponents. He jab isn’t very hard and doesn’t often hit the target as he uses it more to measure his right hands which he puts a lot of power on. He’s got decent footwork and his defence seems fine though it hasn’t been tested yet. He has been dropped once in his career though it was ruled a slip. He jumps in and throws right hands and will try to jump to a different angle after the first right hand though it doesn’t often work. When he’s throwing combinations its almost exclusively with the right hand and I think he crowds himself a bit. I don’t think his balance is great but its sufficient. He also doesn’t seem to have a lot of power though its hard to tell when someones only facing tough journeymen as they don’t get stopped very often.

Martin McDonagh is the more pure boxer of the two in my opinion as he almost exclusively tries to win by using his boxing skill and IQ rather than trying to stop his opponents. I think he’ll be boxing off the back foot in this fight as the only other competitive fight he’s had he did exactly that for 10 rounds. He has a serviceable jab and decent counters for the level that this fight is being fought at. His only real defence is moving around the ring as he seems to lack much head movement. He is a southpaw which means Eubank may struggle a bit as he won’t be used to facing Southpaws. McDonagh doesn’t have any power because he doesn’t sit down on his punches at all and fights like hes still an amateur to an extent. I think the 10 competitive rounds he shared with Daniel Egbunike will help him a lot in this fight.

I predict McDonagh will win this fight by decision because he’ll be able to frustrate Eubank with his movement and counters off the back foot. Eubanks lack of a good jab will mean he won’t have much success setting his shots up on the moving McDonagh. I think the competitive rounds will help McDonagh as well because he’s been here before. If Eubank puts a lot of pressure on I can see him taking a decision from a ref that values front foot pressure over back foot countering.

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