Dan Azeez versus Andre Sterling breakdown.

This is a well matched fight and a good step up for Dan Azeez who is slowly making his way up the domestic ladder at Light Heavyweight. Azeez is coming off of two good wins against Lawrence Osueke and Charlie Duffield. Andre Sterling has recently had two close fights with Liam Conroy and Craig Richards where he lost decisions but fought well.

Dan Azeez has a good jab and can work decently well on the inside. He seems to have good power though probably not at world level though that won’t matter for this fight as its at domestic level. He seems to have a solid chin and good stamina though neither have been truly tested beyond area level. I think he has good timing and seems to be very dedicated to the sport. It wouldn’t surprise me if he won a British title though I think he’ll struggle to get to world level because the Light Heavyweight division is absolutely stacked with talent right now.

Sterling has an awkward style as he fights in bursts of energy where he’ll throw 3 or 4 punches very quickly to both the body and head. You never quite know when hes going to do it but if you can time him you can hit him easily as he leaves his chin a bit too in the air when he punches in my opinion. He clinches a lot and while he’s tough hes been dropped by almost every good opponent hes faced and this has changed fights from him winning to him losing because of the momentum shift. He has a decent right hand and does try to work to the body. I don’t think his foot work is very good at all and this gets him into trouble. His defence isn’t the best either.

I think Dan Azeez should win by decision because I think he has the better jab and has better technical skills. I think he also has the power advantage and is on a good run right now and momentum is a big thing in boxing.

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