Padraig McCrory versus Mickey Ellison breakdown

This is another well matched fight from the MTK show on Wednesday as it pits two Super middleweights on the rise against each other. Padraig McCory finally got a breakout win last year versus Steve Collins Jr but hasn’t been able to get another significant fight since. Mickey Ellison is coming off of two upset wins over Charlie Schofield and Christian Kinsiona.

Mickey Ellison is the taller man in this match up but will probably be on the front foot because he has quite an aggressive style. He uses a good jab and feints to get into range to throw a variety of punches. I like that he doesn’t just throw right hooks and mixes up what he throws when he gets into range. His defence and foot work aren’t great but to take full advantage of his defensive lapses you’d have to be a level or two above him which I don’t think McCrory is. He seems to have a good chin and semi-decent power though nothing too out of the ordinary. He throws quite a volume of punches but this does lead him to tire late in fights though in an 8 rounder this shouldn’t be a problem.

Mickey Ellison (12-2)

I can’t find any footage of Padraig McCrory’s fights but I have watched him live a few times so I’ll go by what I remember. He has a decent jab and a good right hand which is decently fast. When he hurts someone he really goes for it and seems to be a good finisher. He has a lot more power than his record suggests and I’ve seen him stun guys more than once with only one shot. He also has a decent amateur background and is both technically and defensively decent for this level of fight. McCrory is currently 10-0 with 4 knockouts.

I think it’ll be a competitive fight but I think McCrory should be able to pick Ellison off enough to win a decision. I think his power may trouble Ellison and stop him being so active which is one of his better attributes. I wish this fight was 10 rounds honestly as it’s a very competitive fight and the winner could easily go on to fight for the British title.

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