Batyr Akhmedov versus Rey Perez breakdown

This is a tune up fight for Akhmedov after almost a year out the ring. His last fight was a controversial loss to Mario Barrios and its expected if they both win their upcoming fights that they will have a rematch. Rey Perez is a career journeyman who has managed to spring a few upsets over domestic prospects.

Batyr Akhmedov was a very good amateur and a 2016 Olympian. He has decent fundamentals and normally fights on the front foot as he breaks his opponents down with good pressure and a variety of hooks. He has good power and has moved very quickly so far in his career as he’s only 8 fights in. One of his biggest flaws is he’s been dropped a few times in his career though he doesn’t seem to have been hurt when hes been knocked down. I don’t know if its a balance issue or if he just hasn’t seen the shots coming.

Rey Perez constantly has one hand out pawing trying to bait his opponents to overextend but it rarely works. He has some decent power and a very good chin. Honestly his best asset in this fight is his toughness though that may end up just meaning he takes more punishment. In recent times hes struggled with prospects and end up losing decisions.

I think Batyr Akhmedov will win this fight by KO because hes the superior boxer who has the better power and will be able to break Perez down.

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