Shuichiro Yoshino versus Valentine Hosokawa breakdown

This is a really good match up between two Japanese Lightweights who will be looking to move on to bigger things especially Shuichiro Yoshino who is 12-0 right now. Valentine Hosokawa is a domestic fighter in Japan who has had mixed results at that level. He holds a record of 25-7-3 and is 39 years old. The fight will be 12 rounds for Shuichiro Yoshino’s Japanese and OPBF Lightweight titles.

Shuichiro Yoshino is an orthodox fighter but has a really good left hook which he throws often. He has a good right hand as well and also a decent jab. He’s very powerful and this power has bailed him out a few times when he’s been out boxed by people but has managed to knock them out late in the fight. His defence isn’t anything special but its decent and he seems very calm when he’s put under pressure.

Valentine Hosokawa has a lot of experience and has fought a lot of decent fighters such as Koki Inoue. He’s short for lightweight and isn’t the best at getting into range. He has a decent right hand and his jab isn’t horrible but it doesn’t get to the target very often. He’s a slow starter but when he gets later into the fight his work rate gets quite high and he fights better overall. His defence isn’t great from what I’ve seen though he does have a decent chin.

I think Shuichiro Yoshino will win by knockout because I think Hosokawa’s defence isn’t great and Yoshino is a big puncher who can use his height advantage well to pick Hosokawa apart. Hosokawa being a slow starter will play right into Yoshino’s hands as he often stops people early and his opponents need to be switched on at all times.

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