Aslambek Idigov beats Stanislav Kashtanov

This fight happened earlier today and really was just a bit of a tune up bout for Aslambek who needs as much experience as he can get right now. Kashtanov is tough but is perhaps past his best and at this point in his career is handing the torch over to the new generation of Russian Super Middleweights such as Idigov.

Stanislav Kashtanov

Idigov won by decision and from what I gather was hurting Kashtanov to the body and started to really take over as the fight progressed. He is quite highly ranked in the WBO so may in a few more fights be thrust into world level which I don’t think hes ready for. Hes only 24 and has been building himself a decent resume of top 30 fighters but still needs a few more years of development to be competitive with the top fighters at Super Middleweight.

Istvan Szili

I think for his next fight he should face Istvan Szili who is ranked 15th in the WBO. Szili is 37 and holds a record of 24-2-2 with his most recent fight being a good upset win versus Jayde Mitchell in Australia. Szili lives in Switzerland so it wouldn’t be hard to get him to come to Russia. It also wouldn’t be too much of a step up for Idigov as Szili is 37 and a little past his best though he is still very capable and should be a good test.

I’m going to try to do more content like this and opinion pieces etc rather than just breaking down fights as I enjoy making this more. I’m also going to try and get a few interviews with fighters which you’ll be able to read. Expect more varied content and hopefully some interesting stuff in the future!

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