Aslambek Idigov versus Sherzod Khusanov breakdown

This is actually a decent fight though Khusanov has taken it on short notice. Aslambek Idigov is a prospect in the super middleweight division that hasn’t looked great but has been getting some good rounds in recently. Sherzod Khusanov is coming off the best win of his career after he came off a long layContinue reading “Aslambek Idigov versus Sherzod Khusanov breakdown”

Aslambek Idigov beats Stanislav Kashtanov

This fight happened earlier today and really was just a bit of a tune up bout for Aslambek who needs as much experience as he can get right now. Kashtanov is tough but is perhaps past his best and at this point in his career is handing the torch over to the new generation ofContinue reading “Aslambek Idigov beats Stanislav Kashtanov”