Juan Francisco Estrada versus Roman Gonzalez breakdown

This is an amazing fight and one i’m looking forward to greatly. Both of these fighters will be in the hall of fame after they retire though Estrada may need one or two more wins to cement his place.

Juan Francisco Estrada is a puncher who lands big counters on the back foot but has no problem getting into exchanges on the front foot. His defence looked a little shaky in his last fight but hes still very much an elite fighter.

Roman Gonzalez is probably the best offensive fighter of the last two decades as he puts his combinations together so smoothly its like a form of art. He’s a big puncher himself though doesn’t quite have the one punch power of Estrada in my opinion as especially as hes gone up in weight hes stopped people through a relentless volume of punches at a high pace. At 33 his legs may not be there as much as they used to be but hes still an elite fighter.

I really can see this fight going either way though if I had to make a pick I would go with Estrada as I think he may catch Gonzalez hard a few times in the fight which could turn things around. Any result wouldn’t surprise me though.


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