Juan Francisco Estrada versus Roman Gonzalez breakdown

This is an amazing fight and one i’m looking forward to greatly. Both of these fighters will be in the hall of fame after they retire though Estrada may need one or two more wins to cement his place. Juan Francisco Estrada is a puncher who lands big counters on the back foot but hasContinue reading “Juan Francisco Estrada versus Roman Gonzalez breakdown”

Juan Francisco Estrada versus Carlos Cuadras breakdown.

This is a quality fight and for me at least an interesting rematch. In their first fight Estrada won by one point but many felt Cuadras did enough to win. Juan Francisco Estrada is one of the best fighters in the sport right now but has been inactive due to an injury. While their firstContinue reading “Juan Francisco Estrada versus Carlos Cuadras breakdown.”

My top 10 P4P list (1/10/2020)

This is the first time I’ve created a P4P list but after this i’ll update it every month or so. In the future I may make an extended P4P list up to 20 but for now its just going to be limited to the standard 10 fighters. 1.) Saul “Canelo” Alvarez (53-1-2) : Canelo isContinue reading “My top 10 P4P list (1/10/2020)”