Jermell Charlo versus Brian Carlos Castano breakdown

This is an excellent match up between the number one and number two guys in the super welterweight division with all of the belts on the line. Jermell Charlo has been working his way through the division for a number of years now and has a good resume which would be tipped off with becomingContinue reading “Jermell Charlo versus Brian Carlos Castano breakdown”

Boxers who are creating legacies in one division.

In modern day boxing moving up multiple weight classes is very common for boxers. While this leads to nice sounding achievements such as becoming a four or five weight champion it does lead to boxers resume in a singular division being weaker than previous generations. I’ve gone through the champions in boxing today and pickedContinue reading “Boxers who are creating legacies in one division.”

My top 10 P4P list (1/10/2020)

This is the first time I’ve created a P4P list but after this i’ll update it every month or so. In the future I may make an extended P4P list up to 20 but for now its just going to be limited to the standard 10 fighters. 1.) Saul “Canelo” Alvarez (53-1-2) : Canelo isContinue reading “My top 10 P4P list (1/10/2020)”

What’s next for the Charlo’s and undercard?

The Charlo double header on Saturday night was likely the biggest card of 2020 and in my eyes it really delivered. The card was stacked with good fights with many of them being important to their respective divisions. John Riel Casimero looked impressive in stopping Duke Micah and showed why so many people want himContinue reading “What’s next for the Charlo’s and undercard?”

Jermell Charlo versus Jeison Rosario breakdown

This is the fight i’m most looking forward to this weekend because its a unification and a match up between the top two guys at Super Welterweight. Jermell Charlo is now a two time champion at 154 and is looking to unify the division and really start to establish his legacy. Jeison Rosario became anContinue reading “Jermell Charlo versus Jeison Rosario breakdown”