Juan Carlos Payano versus Raymond Tabugon breakdown

This is a comeback opponent for Payano against a name a lot of top fighters have fought. Tabugon is a notable journeyman who’s tough but also doesn’t have much chance of upsetting the fighters he faces. His last upset win was in 2014 to put this fight into context. Payano might not be elite atContinue reading “Juan Carlos Payano versus Raymond Tabugon breakdown”

Gary Antonio Russell versus Juan Carlos Payano breakdown

This is a good step up for Russell but one where I think he’ll struggle. Payano is a proven world level fighter who arguably beat Danny Roman in his last fight while Russell has fought no one of note and hasn’t been that impressive in doing so. While Russell is clearly skilled I think thisContinue reading “Gary Antonio Russell versus Juan Carlos Payano breakdown”

What’s next for the Charlo’s and undercard?

The Charlo double header on Saturday night was likely the biggest card of 2020 and in my eyes it really delivered. The card was stacked with good fights with many of them being important to their respective divisions. John Riel Casimero looked impressive in stopping Duke Micah and showed why so many people want himContinue reading “What’s next for the Charlo’s and undercard?”

Daniel Roman versus Juan Carlos Payano breakdown

While on paper this looks like it could be a semi-competitive fight I personally think its going to be one sided in Roman’s favour. Daniel Roman is the bigger fighter who has been competing on par with the best fighters at Super Bantamweight and only just lost his world titles in a fight which couldContinue reading “Daniel Roman versus Juan Carlos Payano breakdown”