Thoughts on Stephen Fulton versus Brandon Figueroa and the weekends boxing

This was a great weekend of boxing where we saw two fights that can be added to the short list for the fight of the year. We also saw a massive upset which in my opinion will likely end up being the upset of the year. Stephen Fulton versus Brandon Figueroa was a terrific fightContinue reading “Thoughts on Stephen Fulton versus Brandon Figueroa and the weekends boxing”

Brandon Figueroa versus Stephen Fulton breakdown

This is an excellent fight between two world champions at super bantamweight who only recently won their world titles. It’s great for boxing that these fighters decided to immediately unify instead of trying to eke out a few easier defences. Both have exciting styles which should gel to watch though Figueroa is the action fighterContinue reading “Brandon Figueroa versus Stephen Fulton breakdown”

Brandon Figueroa versus Luis Nery breakdown

This is an excellent fight between two top super bantamweights who both have power and throw a lot of punches. I don’t think either has looked great in their recent performances but this should be a good action fight. I think Figueroa will try boxing from the outside at first due to his height andContinue reading “Brandon Figueroa versus Luis Nery breakdown”

What’s next for the Charlo’s and undercard?

The Charlo double header on Saturday night was likely the biggest card of 2020 and in my eyes it really delivered. The card was stacked with good fights with many of them being important to their respective divisions. John Riel Casimero looked impressive in stopping Duke Micah and showed why so many people want himContinue reading “What’s next for the Charlo’s and undercard?”

Brandon Figueroa versus Damien Vazquez breakdown

I’m not going to sugarcoat this fight and say its great or anything because its not. It’s a tune up fight for Figueroa after he struggled badly in his last fight and got a draw against what to be fair to him was an overweight Julio Cejar. Figueroa looks like he could be a contenderContinue reading “Brandon Figueroa versus Damien Vazquez breakdown”