Brandon Figueroa versus Damien Vazquez breakdown

I’m not going to sugarcoat this fight and say its great or anything because its not. It’s a tune up fight for Figueroa after he struggled badly in his last fight and got a draw against what to be fair to him was an overweight Julio Cejar. Figueroa looks like he could be a contender at 122 pounds and while he has a secondary WBA title it doesn’t mean anything and he should still be developed as a prospect would be not as a champion which PBC are pretending he is. Damien Vasquez is nowhere near world level and in his only step up fight versus Juan Carlos Payano he was soundly beat. I don’t mind Figueroa taking a tune up fight but I won’t stand for people who are acting like this is at all a good well matched fight. The rest of the fights on this card are well matched apart from perhaps one other.

This is one of the fights where i’m not going to go too deep into their individual skills because I feel it is a major mismatch so theres really not anything Vazquez does better than Figueroa.

Damien Vazquez

Brandon Figueroa has the power,experience and size advantages in this fight. He’s also the better boxer which means the only thing Vazquez has going for him is hes a southpaw and some fighters struggle fighting southpaws. If Vazquez does pull off the upset then he deserves massive credit because everything is stacked against him.

I predict Brandon Figueroa will win by stoppage within 7 rounds because he holds all the advantages in this fight and Vazquez has been brought in as a tune up for him.


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