Bakhram Murtazaliev versus Manny Woods breakdown

This fight was put together as part of a step aside deal for Murtazaliev so that Jermell Charlo and Jeison Rosario can unify. It’s expected that if Murtazaliev wins this fight he will fight for the IBF title next whether it becomes vacant or not.

Bakhram Murtazaliev has good power and looks for the knockout rather than being satisfied with going to a decision. I’d say he has a pretty average defence but has decent combinations. He’s not really fought at world level yet but seems to be a decent prospect/contender. He might potentially be fighting the winner of Charlo-Rosario but I believe its more likely he fights for the vacant IBF belt. He has good footwork and can move around and box if he wants to. Hes also a decent counter puncher when people come at him but is also very comfortably on the front foot.

Manny Woods holds a high guard constantly which leaves him very open to looping shots and also means he doesn’t get much of his own offence off. He’s very defensive at this point in his career and I don’t think he really comes to win anymore. I think his punch resistance is gone at this point and he doesn’t have a lot of ambition left and is happy to get a pay check and lose. He’s currently on a three KO loss streak.

Manny Woods

I think Murtazaliev should win by stoppage within four rounds as he has good power and Woods doesn’t have good punch resistance at this point in his career.


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