Jermell Charlo versus Jeison Rosario breakdown

This is the fight i’m most looking forward to this weekend because its a unification and a match up between the top two guys at Super Welterweight. Jermell Charlo is now a two time champion at 154 and is looking to unify the division and really start to establish his legacy. Jeison Rosario became an unlikely champion after upsetting Julian Williams early this year. He hadn’t looked great in his fights before and looked set to be a solid contender but not someone that would become world champion.

Jermell Charlo doesn’t throw a lot of punches but he is very accurate with them and doesn’t miss often. He has decent power that has effected everybody hes fought at world level which shows its real power. He has good stamina and though he can be out boxed at times I don’t see that being a problem versus Rosario who won’t be looking to box on the back foot. Hes not really a combination puncher and mostly catches people with a 1-2 which he seems to get a lot of power on. He has good defence, decent head movement and catches a lot of punches on his gloves. He doesn’t have many flaws but can freeze up a little and not throw punches when people throw combinations versus him. If they don’t land the first punch of the combination it isn’t very effective however as Jermell will slip and counter with either a right hand or a left to the body. If you can use feints effectively I think you could potentially make him miss and with his low output this could be quite effective. He has a good chin which has held up well even at world level.

Jeison Rosario is very powerful but doesn’t seem that hard to counter and this feeds into my view of him being a bit of a glass cannon. He throws really good hooks to the body and just in general works well to the body. Hes more active than Charlo but isn’t as accurate and some of his hooks can be quite wide in my opinion. A bit of his game people don’t talk about is how hes not bad at countering himself. In the Julian Williams fight he was doing it often and the shot that hurt Williams was a counter when the two were exchanging. He doesn’t have great head movement but its not completely static. He has an average jab which he gets countered over the top with quite often. Hes big for the weight and I have a feeling his stamina isn’t great. His chin seems decent and the only time he was stopped was more due to exhaustion rather than having a bad chin. he doesn’t have much big fight experience especially compared to Jermell Charlo.

Jeison Rosario

I think Jermell Charlo will win this fight by knockout because he has the better defence and is much more accurate with his punches. I think if they exchange he can come out on top. He should be able to counter throughout the fight and won’t struggle to land on Rosario who lacks good head movement. While Rosario seems to be a good fighter I don’t think hes consistently proven at world level like Charlo is and beyond the Williams fight has really struggled with guys that aren’t world class.


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