Kenshiro Teraji versus Masamichi Yabuki breakdown

This should be a fun fight as Yabuki is powerful and tries to counter opponents at mid range while Teraji is a skilled boxer who carries some reasonable power himself. I think this could be a fairly dangerous fight for Teraji. Teraji should be able to use his jab and body work to beat YabukiContinue reading “Kenshiro Teraji versus Masamichi Yabuki breakdown”

Kenshiro Teraji versus Tetsuya Hisada breakdown

This is a good fight in the Light fly division between long reigning world champion Kenshiro and world class contender Hisada. Kenshiro has made seven defences of his world title and is in my opinion clearly the number one fighter in the division. Unfortunately due to out of the ring troubles and the corona virusContinue reading “Kenshiro Teraji versus Tetsuya Hisada breakdown”

Boxers who are creating legacies in one division.

In modern day boxing moving up multiple weight classes is very common for boxers. While this leads to nice sounding achievements such as becoming a four or five weight champion it does lead to boxers resume in a singular division being weaker than previous generations. I’ve gone through the champions in boxing today and pickedContinue reading “Boxers who are creating legacies in one division.”

Kenshiro Teraji versus Pedro Guevara : A review

I’m going to start doing more fight reviews due to the lack of boxing going on. I thought I’d start with a fight I recently watched and thought was interesting. The first four rounds saw some back and forth action with Teraji being out worked and countered by Guevara for the most point. Guevara reallyContinue reading “Kenshiro Teraji versus Pedro Guevara : A review”