Kenshiro Teraji versus Masamichi Yabuki breakdown

This should be a fun fight as Yabuki is powerful and tries to counter opponents at mid range while Teraji is a skilled boxer who carries some reasonable power himself. I think this could be a fairly dangerous fight for Teraji. Teraji should be able to use his jab and body work to beat YabukiContinue reading “Kenshiro Teraji versus Masamichi Yabuki breakdown”

Masamichi Yabuki versus Toshimasa Ouchi breakdown

This is a solid fight between Yabuki and Ouchi over ten rounds for the Japanese Light Fly title. Yabuki is on a good run right now and with a few more wins could be looking at a title shot in the near future. Ouchi came out of a three year retirement last year and gotContinue reading “Masamichi Yabuki versus Toshimasa Ouchi breakdown”